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Level B1 (80 Hours of Training)
Students who have completed this level can communicate in written and verbal ways in daily life, travel, shopping and familiar situations by using a clear language. They can explain their work, dreams, goals, future plans and talk about their hobbies. They can convey what they have experienced and witnessed and express their opinions on any subject.
B2 Level (80 Hours of Training)
The students completing this level can understand concrete and abstract issues and can express their opinions on these issues. They can express themselves in written and verbal form on specific topics and they can communicate with a native speaker to a certain extent fluently and intelligibly.
C1 Level (80 Hours of Training)
Upon completion of this level, the students can read and understand long and detailed texts. They can express themselves fluently and in detail without forcing themselves. They can easily understand and use definitions in academic, business, technical and professional subjects.
C2 Level (80 Hours of Training)
Upon completion of this level, the students can easily understand everything they have heard and read and they can summarize and explain written texts. Also they can use the language close to the mother tongue level.
Beginner Level
Intermediate Level
Advanced Level
A1 Level (80 Hours of Training)
Upon completion of this level, the students will be able to make easy sentences to meet daily speaking needs and introduce himself / herself and family relations. They can understand slow conversations and they can speak to the person in short and simple sentences.
A2 Level (80 Hours of Training)
Upon completion of this level, students can read and understand short and simple texts and do daily shopping. They can make simple definitions about people and places and learn simple uses such as numbers, days, months. They learns the past, present and future tenses and can speak with simple sentences using these tenses.
Comprehension (Listening-Reading)
In this study area, students' listening, reading skills are developed as well as responding by interpreting what is listened and read.
Speaking (Oral Expression)
Studies are carried out on the ability of students to express what they want, to understand and respond without being bound to any text.
Writing (Written Expression)
This program is designed to improve the written expression of the students by using their existing language and vocabulary knowledge.
It is the area where studies related to Turkish grammar and practical usage are made and studies are made to ensure the correct and proper use of Turkish.
Students who successfully complete the Beginner Level of Turkish (A1, A2), Intermediate Level of Turkish (B1, B2), Advanced Level of Turkish (C1, C2) courses , in weekend and weekday groups, they can receive Turkish Certificate of Proficiency in two-month terms.
The Turkish Language Course for Foreigners consists of 3 basic levels and 6 levels.

At every level, studies are carried out for the effective use of language and vocabulary, grammar, speaking and writing skills in accordance with the development of students. The target achievements for each level are realized and it is measured whether it provides the communication appropriate to the level of the student or not, and the missing aspects of language skills are completed with different activities.

With the education system we have been working on for years, the levels are reinforced with all kinds of activities that will help to teach and acquire the target language and it is facilitated for our students to reach their target behaviors.
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